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My name is Huey German-Wilson, and I am your candidate for Houston City Council District B. I live in District B, have raised four children here, and have strong ties to this community.

In addition to being from District B and living in District B, I also work in District B. Like many of you, my daily routine is talking with residents—my neighbors—to find out what is going on in the community and working with our elected officials to address our concerns. As a community, we are also developing strategies and long-range plans to combat illegal dumping, poor infrastructure, safety, housing, jobs, and lack of economic opportunity. We will continue to work with our schools, which are the backbone of our community, supporting our young people, as well as their teachers. District B schools have come a long way, but there is much work to be done in helping our future generations realize the prosperity that this community has experienced before and will have again.

I am excited about the things that are happening in our community, and you should be too. But at the same time, let us continue to have the open dialogue and shared commitment that it takes to move this community—all 260,000+ of us—into the 21st century. Let us harness the power of our ancestors to do the hard work in support of our community. Let us plant that seed. Together, we will watch it grow.

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Huey German-Wilson for Houston City Council, District B

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